Feeder Program Details


The program is designed to enable aspiring high school basketball players an opportunity to compete and learn the game alongside like minded players. Depending on the number of kids who tryout, available coaches and league restrictions we will assemble grade level feeder teams to play in multiple leagues and tournaments. Our philosophy of teaching and coaching emphasizes developing athletes for the long term. Practices and skills training sessions will focus heavily on fundamental skills development.


Skills training sessions are encouraged to compliment team practices to ensure players are developing the necessary skills and fundamentals based on a progression established by the Bombers Basketball/Liberty Feeder Program coaches with guidance from high school and college coaches.


Costs associated with this will be shared by the teams and specifically the individual players participating in the program. After tryouts are complete and players have been assigned to their respective teams players will be responsible for paying the Club and TLP (Tournament, Leagues and Practices) fees. Club Fees will cover services, insurance and operational fees incurred by the club. TLP (Tournaments, Leagues and Practices) fees include any league, tournaments or practices included for each team in the program. Costs are itemized out each year with a summary sent to each participating family. Our goal is to keep costs down while providing the greatest learning and competitive environment for the players.

Bombers Basketball/Jr. Eagles Basketball has a NO REFUND policy. All moneys collected are allocated toward a shared cost of operations or fees associated based on the number of kids per team or age division. We understand there are unforeseen circumstances in which a player may not be able to participate. For this reason, Bombers Basketball may offer a ONE time transfer to another season.


Note: *Based on the number of games played. Pricing will vary depending on the size of the team  as well the number of tournaments entered and practices scheduled.


Our beginning Jr. Eagles teams will likely participate in a YMCA, CYC or Renaud Spirit Center league. The emphasis will be on having fun while learning the basic fundamentals skills of basketball.  Teams will likely practice one night per week for an hour. Games will be played on Saturdays.


Having established a basic understanding of entry level fundamentals and skills, our emphasis will shift towards competitive drills and skills development opportunities allowing the players to experience more game like conditions. These teams will likely compete in a Renaud Spirit Center or CNR league. Practices will likely be held one night per week with an optional skills training session also available.  Games will be played on Saturdays for Renaud Center League and Saturday or Sunday for CNR League.


At this level teams will begin experiencing competitive tournaments and more competitive league opportunities. These teams will likely compete in a CNR league. Practices will likely be held one night per week with an optional skills training session also available. Games will be played on Saturdays and Sundays.


As the level of competition continues to improve these teams will be continue to compete in appropriate tournaments and leagues allowing players to be properly tested. Teams will likely compete in a  CNR and / or IAABO league. Team practices will likely be held one night per week with a second practice consisting of skills development held during the week. Games will be played on Saturdays and Sundays.


Learning to compete and play the game of basketball against the best competition available will be the focus for players at this level. Understanding terminology and becoming a student of the game, specifically their personal game, will be emphasized. Teams will likely compete in a CNR and / or IAABO league while participating in multiple tournaments. Practices will be held at least one night per week with additional skills training sessions encouraged. Games will be played primarily on Saturdays and Sundays with occasional Friday night games.


Bombers Basketball/Jr. Eagles Basketball Club Fee $35
Uniform (Reversible Set) $52
TLP FEES (Tournaments/Leagues and Practices) GAMES AMOUNT
3rd Grade 14 games* $149
4th Grade 22 games* $222
5th Grade  25 games* $240
6th-8th Grade 18 games* $190

Uniforms may have minor changes from year to year. Our goal is to keep the same styles and uniforms to minimize costs from year to year.


Our 3rd, 4th and 5th grade teams are scheduled to play in a Renaud Center League that begins in mid October and goes for 7 weeks.  Cost – $420 per team

In early December many of our teams will begin participating in a CNR Basketball League.  Cost – $500 per team (includes 8 games). Each additional game costs us $60 per team.  Most of our teams will play a 12 game schedule.

Most of our teams are expected to play in one or two tournaments during the season. Some teams may elect to play in more than two tournaments, and will be asked to share the cost of the entry fee across the participating players. We budget each tournament will cost us $150.00 per entry.

Practices at Wentzville South Middle School or Frontier Middle School cost us $30 per hour.  We are projecting each team (4th – 8th grade) will practice 35 times during the winter session.  We anticipate our 3rd grade team(s) practicing 25 times during the winter session.  Additionally, the program has reserved 54 hours of gym time at Immanuel Lutheran at a cost of $50 per hour.

The program maintains an insurance policy with eSportsinsurance at a cost of $1,850.

The mission/purpose of the Jr. Eagles Basketball program isn’t to produce a profit. We do our best to provide our kids a best in class learning environment in the most affordable manner possible.